2nd Restock• Galentine Tea & Bead Bundle (Moose Hide + 14K Gold Plated Hearts + 14K Gold Filled Hooks + Complete Sewing & Beading Kit + Mother Earth Tea + Online Pre-Recorded Tutorial)

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Colour Pearl 🤍 + 24K Gold Linted Opal Beads

Tea Comfort Tea• (Mint, Willow & Muskeg Blend (1 Tea Bag)



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Galentine Tea & Bead Bundle • Bead your own Moose Hearts

To Me From Me!! Gift your besties, auntie or kokum a Galentine Tea & Bead bundle.  Sip some Tradish tea, relax and bead your own moose heart earring.  This bundle is with high quality 14K Gold Filled findings and theeeee prettiest 14K Gold Plated hearts.  

Step 1: Pic your tea (2 options Comfort or Balance). 

Step 2: Pick your colour of beads (3 options: Wine with vintage beads OR Pearl with 24K Plated Opal Beads OR Peach )

Step 3: Perfect gift of good medicine 

What’s Included: 

+ The materials in your beading bundle is yours to keep, includes traditional moose hide to make 1 pair of heart earrings, deadleh snips, pliers, beading materials & some tea ☕️  🤎 

+ This bundle includes High quality 14K Gold Filled Kidney Hooks (2) with 14K Plated Gold Hearts (2) + Gold Filled Wire Guards

+ NEW Indigenous made tea by Mother Earth Essentials tea to sip (Comfort Blend or Balance Blend). 1 Individual wrapped tea bag is included.  

+ Pre-recorded online tutorial accessible anytime you want to sit down, relax and bead your heart out.  (Link Included)


(WOLESALE - Please email info@jshinedesigns.ca for 10 or more)

Bundle Pack Includes:

Everything you need to make one pair of heart earrings, including home tanned moose hide (I tanned myself).  I will walk you through on how to bead around a centre, how to assemble earrings and teach you one of the first edging technique I was taught.  NEW! I will teach you how to attach wire guard on your  earrings.  These teachings you can carry on to your future beadwork and use for generations to come. 

When you're purchasing this bundle, please know:

- This is for beginner or intermediate beaders.  This is Level 1, very easy beading. 

No prior beading experience is necessary 

- This is a one needle technique, but if you use a two-needle technique you're welcome to use any beading technique you were taught  :)  There are so many different ways of knowing.  

- This style of beadwork was one of the first ways I learned how to bead, beading around a cab or centre.  

- Please be mindful that your beadwork will not be 100% like this exact pair, every person has different tension in their thread and the way each bead is placed down may be slightly different.

- Remember to be kind to yourself, beadwork is a slow fashion and it's taken me try after try.. be gentle with yourself while you make these medicine earrings. 

- Moose hide was tanned in Treaty 6 by myself Jess Sanderson