Hide Tannning • High Quality Denim Beading/Travel Bag

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NEW** Hide Tannning • High Quality Denim Beading/Travel Bag.  This picture is me working on my first cow•môswa 2021 in my backyard in the city. This picture is a reminder never give up, as much as life is hard… just remember all our ancestors who fought so hard for us to be here. Stay strong 🤎✨

Beading Bag, high quality made out of denim.  10 Inches X 8 Inches with pull zipper. Made in Canada


A. Buy one or 

B. 💝Donate One (I’ll be dropping off tea & bead bundles to Ermineskin Women’s Shelter) Every bag donated will be gifted to someone who needs it most. I will share on social the bags gifted and dropped off with admin staff. 

I will be preparing a collection & beadwork for Indigenous Fashion Week in Toronto (my first time here). I haven’t started yet, working full-time as an Artist I don’t have a steady income to rely on. From sale from each bag will help pay my bills for April & May, this will lessen financial burden while I focus on beadwork and creating. Ty for reading and supporting my Art during this time 🤎