Sponsor a Tea & Bead Bundle for Low Income Indigenous woman, non-binary & youth

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This option gives the buyers to donate funds that go towards a tea and bead bundle.  

All tea & bead bundles donated,

First round, I matched 7.5 kits and all together donated 15 Tea & Bead Kits to Win House & dropped off Tuesday Jan 3rd.  To date, another 4 kits have been donated and I will be matching all donations.  Next drop off will be July 

(Serving Edmonton and area for over five decades, they have been offering women, non-binary and children a safe place to flee from abuse in their environments and relationships).  

I will still keep this option open to donate & will match tea & bead bundles throughout the year. I think it's important we still support WIN house all year round and not just at xmas time.  This allows for those who haven't beaded to reclaim this practice or for those who do not have access to moose hide to bead themselves earrings <3 


There is still time to match tea and bead bundle.



You can donate as much as you would like, options are:

(1/3 kit b$28.88 or

1/2 kit $42.50 or

full kit $85.00)

I will match your donation by doubling the tea & beading kits.  


 Please email info@jshinedesigns.ca and I can share a picture of the donation drop off for accountability and transparency after July 1, 2023 (Will do this on a bi•annual basis)