NEW Summer Tea & Bead Bundle (Moose Hide + Complete Sewing & Beading Kit + Mother Earth Tea + Online Pre-Recorded Tutorial)

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Tea Comfort Tea• (Mint, Willow & Muskeg Blend (1 Tea Bag)



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Perfect Gift!! Gift your besties, auntie or kokum a Tea & Bead bundle.  Sip some Tradish tea, relax and bead your own moose hide earring. 

Step 1: Pic your tea (2 options Comfort or NEW*Restore (Berry Blend)

Step 2: Turquoise & Galvan Gold Beads colour  (1 Option Available for June) Summer colour ✨

Step 3: Perfect gift of good medicine 


What’s Included: 

+This cost covers all materials to make 1 pair of moose hide(tanned by me) circle earrings, your very own sewing & beading kit

+ NEW Indigenous made tea by Mother Earth Essentials tea to sip (Comfort Blend or  Restore) 1 Individual wrapped tea bag is included.  

+ a prerecorded online tutorial accessible anytime you want to sit down, relax and bead your heart out.  (Link is in box) I will walk you through on how to bead around a centre, how to assemble earrings and teach you one of the first edging technique I was taught.  

- The materials in your beading bundle is yours to keep, includes moose hide to make earrings, scissors, pliers, all beading materials & some tea ☕️  🤎 

(WOLESALE - Please email for 9 or more beading kits)


When you're purchasing this bundle, please know:

- This is for beginner or intermediate beaders.  This is Level 1, very easy beading. 

- No prior beading experience is necessary 

- This is a one needle technique, but if you use a two-needle technique you're welcome to use any beading technique you were taught  :)  There are so many different ways of knowing.  

- This style of beadwork was one of the first ways I learned how to bead, beading around a cab or centre.  

- Please be mindful that your beadwork will not be 100% like this exact pair, every person has different tension in their thread and the way each bead is placed down may be slightly different.

- Remember to be kind to yourself, beadwork is a slow fashion and it's taken me try after try.. be gentle with yourself while you make these medicine earrings. 

- Moose hide was tanned in Treaty 6 by myself Jess Sanderson may slightly vary in smoked colour