11/0 24k Gold Plated True Cut (1 Hank/6 Stands)

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Let the new year shine, so excited to share our most shiny 24k Gold Plated Beads.  These are similar to the same true cuts as 13/0 Charlotte Beads.  The way each bead is cut and at any angle each cut brings that shine.  If you do use high quality beads, these are the most luxurious beads and you will have no regrets.   


11/0 True Cut 24K Gold Plated Seed Bead

1 Full Hank which has 6 Stands/ approx 1500 beads on each Hank 

VIDEO *Beads you're purchasing are located on on right hand side only in video, size 11/0's, I just wanted to show how shiny these were.


I tried my best to take these pictures with the right lightning.  They’re so precious